"Still we have a game." festival of the biggest game in in in in Japan begun on Thursday, September 30, 2021 in a theme "Tokyo game show, 2021 On-line"nFrom the holding first day, in a formal broadcast, in an off-line meeting place, it rises greatly.nIt's pressed by each media and SNS, and an infra answer is telling the state of the off-line meeting place, but I'm elaborating each booth ideas and, it's crazy by the good meaning, a touch, it seems also rich in content and very fun!nMy SNK delivers " [TGS2021 SNK] KOF XV special program" from 13:00 of September 30 of TGS2021 Online first day, and a character trailer of the perfect new character "ISURA" opens it!nEven funglr Games told that interviews to a development camp and tournaments of a top player were the various contents.nI'll bother the back in an off-line meeting place, and, KOF XV, when I think it's shiyuu, surprisingly, it's a further announcement suddenly!nAnother character trailer was opening to the public in "Xbox Live Stream" delivered from 18:00 on September 30!

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