Festival of the biggest game in in in in Japan begun on Thursday, September 30, 2021 "Tokyo game show, 2021 On-line"nOpening to the public of the information on the amount which is held for 4 days and is unexpected from a large number of manufacturers until Sunday, October 3 is waiting, so doesn't the game fan who took days off need Thursday, September 30 and Friday, October 1, either?nEven the inside is the reason which will be a formal program of TGS2021 Online to become a principal axis of the whole event, but each manufacturer as well as an organizer program of TGS also appear on a formal program.nMy SNK with a lot of fans will be appearing right away in a formal program in funglr Games from 13:00 on Thursday, September 30 of first day!n" [TGS2021 SNK] KOF XV special program" but delivery!

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