There is a game called "god GE" in the world. It's most to claim a divinely possessed famous story and call "god GE" and it's the word which makes how to use it of that basic, but the game by which "god" is a main character is also "god GE". Most of the appearance character is "god" and an associate trick person recently for "Fight of Gods" etc. of developer's Taiwanese Digital Crafter, so this is also "god GE".nDoes everyone know "true god GE" and the few work which isn't exaggerated even if he says, "act laser" with which the meaning of both of "god GE" of the meaning to call in "god GE" a famous story and "god GE" of the meaning that "god" says a main character that the number is in the world is combined?nMany fans add a new element to "true god GE" they need, and, Lima star! I restore as "the act laser Renaissance"! It was delivery starting!

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