Playing most all over the world and when saying 1 of the game machines you are, it's Nintendo Switch, isn't it?nThe part where I adopted a vivid organic electroluminescence display on Friday on October 8, 2021, also cut down sale of the latest equipped with a wired LAN port "organic EL model" in a dock and found this when "this requests" Bluetooth audio correspondence the other day at last up to now... is finishing one after another, you're dating.nThe specification of a game machine is also important, it's the game title to play as expected.nThe luxurious title sold it and cut down sale fairly by PlayStation and Xbox, but a masterpiece was released by the Nintendo Switch title, but it was still an impression with a little much previous ones.nDo you say that the holding of TGS2021 Online is also close, and the Nintendo Switch title be made a little quiet, concerned wearing and! There were no such things!nA broadcast of "Nintendo Directly" is announced suddenly at night on Tuesday, September 22, 2021! "Nintendo Direct 2021.9.24" was a broadcast on September 24, 2021 on Friday in 7:00!

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