The writer who was absorbed and played a video game at that time, already, four generation offal.nThen it's the age which is to the extent the adults who played and burned a video game are called a senior, at that time.nAll generations are the entertainment which can be enjoyed from before a decade and the recognition that I say children are different and that play game and because it's the reason to which many fingers, eyes and brains are moved, it'll be the time said that which is also good for recognition shou prevention.nIt's a Japan's first e sports professional team senior of more than 65 years old of average age "MATAGISUNAIPAZU" that it was born in Akita-ken during such.nThe one even funglr Games introduced is a place fresh in memory, isn't it?n"MATAGISUNAIPAZU" it was born in June, 2021 and which was doing member recruitment until the end of August, 2021, but seriousness made them start the activity at last!

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