Of Konami from which the popularity doesn't learn about the place which stops though 10 months have passed from sale, "Momotarou electric railroad-Showa Heisei rei wa is also a basic!-"nPeriodically, a free update, a new element and an event of period limitation are held by oh, and if, newly, as much as offering how to play to me, never to get tired has that, and though it's a game of a basic , is wonderful, isn't it?nThen a hot game is developed, and the thing held in "Tokyo game show, 2021 On-line" by a schedule of 11:00-on Sunday on October 3, 2021 decides about an exhibition match in summer in 2021, so I overlook and I don't have the "peach iron grand prize" in particular!nWhen it ended, an exhibition match was October and when I thought something was held for autumn by and by, new information was opening to the public!nWith what! Uh, popular collaboration with "weekend heroine" decided worldwide!

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