Is everyone doing youth?nWhen a heart becomes absorbed in TOKIME coming even if it'll be an adult as well as everyone of a student, that's youth, isn't it? It's AOHARU!nWhen saying typical bittersweet youth, the memory of night and all that and the school days those worrisome young don't leave from the beginning every day which was driven into every day when I persevered in study and club activities as expected is revived.nThe school where the e sports part is established as club activities recently is also increasing and even if they aren't club activities, that's collected by everyone, and it's also youth for practicing and participating in a rally.nHe thinks not a memory, but that's daily life, but everyone doing youth actively surely now needs energy to fully enjoy youth.nThe Ako transformed corporation familiar by "e sports measure BREAK OUT" announced the "youth support drink victory" in which everyone's youth is aided!

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