I judge an animation from a PC and SUMAHO and play a game, and if, as well as saying, download of data and On-line play are being the time when it can also be said that the network environment which becomes stable at high speed is indispensable to play a comfortable game already.nSince putting it to the On-line play, a network is to become unstable, and play is affected and since a connection can be stopped, there is sometimes a penalty, so even if I say 1 of the most important parts, the internet circuit isn't exaggerated.nThere are states, but the circuit by which the high-speed communication even an individual can covenant of course is cucumber is the situation that I don't also have many anything specialized in a e sport a game and that.nI introduced "KOMYUFA light Gaming custom" in funglr Games before, but it was the service a Chubu Telecommunication corporation offers, so unfortunately it couldn't be used in Kanto area.nWhen I thought there are also no light circuits specialized in a e sport in the area in any place but the central part, that NTT PURARA announced service for e sports!

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