"au smart pass premium classic game" of the "a au smart pass, premium" subscriber privilege with which you can play a retrospective game of heart infliction casually by smart phonenThe Man "Locke mega world" where I can play an additional element with Man Locke 1-3 quickly delivered last time, but did everyone receive a baptism of high degree of difficulty of early stage Man Locke?nThat it's reformed compared with an original video game edition, I think it becomes only a little easy to play (I feel.), but still that it's high degree of difficulty doesn't change. I'll get over every day an air man can't knock down!nEven if but I play the "au smart pass premium classic game" with which you can play a great deal of game titles away in a Bon vacation, and doesn't go to clearance, there should be a person who has started on most titles , too.nThe game title which is to such person's advantage with the 3rd time in August, 2021 was added!

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