Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer "Xtrfy (Aix chicken fi)"nThe high-performance product by which a concept did "high-end e sports equipment" beyond a gaming device is charm, and the item which is to the extent it seems to have a mouse, a mouse pad, a keyboard and a headset in the hand once when you can't leave, is even.nAnd there is also the charm of Xtrfy in its design, isn't there?nThe gaming mouse "M4" series by which the one famous for popularity is loved by many gamers with the unique design which has an countless hole in particular.nIts design and fashionableness of the coloring are the product which doesn't permit other imitation, aren't they?n"M4 STREET" was sold as a limitation product before, but "M4" which will be an sales end and the attention which is I see immediately, but a new limited edition was sale!nThe model by which Inspire made "Tokyo" in Japan what will it be!

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