The "tales Of" series latest model it's expected to sell on Thursday on September 9, 2021 "Tales of ARISE"nA free trial version is delivery starting from August 18, so the people who touched a something of the world of the tales reborn again will be a lot of things, too.nWith a writer, when I say... a trial version isn't being done actually! After I'd like to get an impression until sale!nI'm sorry, even Bandai Namco... has made a reservation, so please permit....nNow, "Tales of ARISE" is planned variously for sale by a reason as the new design a series for 5 years after will be.nThey're Mr. dish scholar RYUUJI and a collaboration animation with the formula of tales that I also became the big topic of conversation at the inside, aren't they?nLast time exhibits a perfect reproduction recipe on the menu of the origination of tales "Ma po curry", and I'm the person who made actually on SNS "Would, it's good!!" But it was overflowing, wasn't it?nAn animation of the 2nd version of collaboration was opening to the public as you guessed by the animation's with which Mr. RYUUJI where it was opened at the same time plays a "Tales of ARISE" trial version having ended on the way!nThis menu is the "Oriental rice" to which Harold was serving a meal by "Tales of Destiny 2"!

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