The 2nd generation when everyone is looking forward to! "Razer Hammerhead True Wireless" Japanese sale of 2nd Gen decided! Left and right such as a "Air Pods" series of Apple and a "WF-1000X" series of SONY are a cable, and the perfect wireless earphones which aren't connected are popular. When the stress opened from cable-free convenience is experienced and done once, an envoy can't return it to wired daily!nEach manufacturer is selling convinced high quality sound and low delay gaming perfect wireless earphones the gamers who stick to sound, too, the one by which even the inside is a popular one in particular, "Hammerhead True Wireless" long-established store gaming manufacturer Razer is sellingnIt's a very popular item, but 2 years have passed from sale in 2019, and technology also evolves by wonderful speed between it, so isn't the latest the place you want by and by?

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