"VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" where well-received is working in "ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3" in a penny arcade in the whole country during a well-received delivery in PS4nPresent and the person who says a hammer said the substantial no charge-like title you can play and played first Virtua by Motosaku, and that closed to the hilt just as it is were delivered as a freeplay of PlayStation Plus at first in PS4 and it 'll be a lot of things in PlayStation Now.nA delivery by a freeplay has ended already, game this chapter and the download edition by which REJENDARIPAKKU made one set are 3300 yen (including tax), and it's being delivered, so by all means!nBut there is just such "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" in "esports" and the title, and it's the title which assumed esports development, holding of a formal meeting "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_0" was also announced, but holding was close at hand at last!

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