1 "Pokemon" fact "Pocket Monsters" series of the contents which represent Japan where 25th anniversary of birth was met in 2021. Protuberance suitable for a team strategy battle of the first Pokemon which is being delivered to "Pokemon GO" in OTOMO of daily movement including "Pocket Monsters Sword shield" ahead in Nintendo Switch "Pokemon UNITE" and 25th anniversary of the series latest model is being shown.nBut "Pocket Monsters Brilliant diamond and shining Pearl" and "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" by which it was announced in "Pokemon Presents" broadcast by "Pokemon Day" on Saturday, February 27, 2021 that it's expected of a fan most?nAfter it was announced a sale date decided but the broadcast of "Pokemon Presents" to which the latest information about the two titles which didn't have much information is announced decided!

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