The "tales Of" series latest model it's expected to sell on Thursday on September 9, 2021 "Tales of ARISE"nVery, the person who says a new design of a game for domestic use in 5 after and plays a series fan for the first time by a work now, too is the title of the attention, too, isn't he? made a reservation!nThe other day's "Tales of ARISE" side trip element was exhibited, but the system such as "skit" and "dish" that a series is familiar is also well to a work now.nThe "dish" which strengthens the status in particular is also an important element for capture.nMoreover there is also graphic evolution recently, and it seems really good and I feel like trying the dish on which I appear in the work.nThat famous dish scholar is telling me the recipe which grants such a dream!nA recipe animation on the menu of the legend of origination of tales "Ma po curry" was exhibited!

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