The "Street Fighter V champion edition" the last additional character "rook" announces the latest information of the additional character of season 5 "ORO" "spaces", a delivery day and season 5 by "Street Fighter V Summer update 2021", and which shows protuberance in a climaxn"Rook" will be the last additional character of whole strike V to say the last additional character of season 5 which is a final season, won't it?nBut a fight game, the character, after it's delivered, it's a performance!nCan't a delivery of "rook" be called a schedule and the timing which a little is a point and is ideal for the person's who wasn't playing up to now beginning strike V, too in November, 2021?nBut more than 5 years will pass and be that the person who says that he's worried whether I can follow because he begins will be necessary for only the matured title now, too from sale already.nEveryone such, first, it'll be most to play!nThe trial version for which the additional character is also practicable is a delivery start! And the sale which can be bought profitably has also begun!

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