Monumental achievement of the fight game Capcom presents to the world "Street Fighter V Champion edition"n"CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021" but a tryout meeting for "Street Fighter league : Pro-JP 2021" also ends in Japan during holding by all the countries, a draft meeting advance person decides, and if, it's the protuberance which isn't Also affected by the heat in summer of 2021.nSeason 5 when it'll be a final season had started such strike V, and "done" "rose" delivered it up to now, and entry into the war of "Akira" was being announced at "ORO".nIt was announced that 1 more character is delivered by season 5 as well as that, but it wasn't opened up to now what kind of character it was, it was delivered on Wednesday on August 7, 2021 at last, the existence became clear in "Street Fighter V Summer update 2021"!

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