Upbringing game of Bandai which is 25th anniversary of birth in 2021 "Tamagocchi"nThe new product which is said to be an anniversary and is an wearable terminal tic "Tamagocchi Smart" is released, and if, protuberance is being shown, isn't it?nIt's also charm to collaborate with various works beyond the genre when saying Tamagocchi.nThe collaboration item "Eva TCHI" etc. with a collaboration item "KIMETSU Tamagocchi" and Evangelion with a big-grossing work "blade of onimetsu" is also famous, but a collaboration item with "pair Disney Stead wonderland", "PUI PUI Mole car" "Masked Rider" and all that and the work which is an inner palace really is being also sold besides that.nSuch Tamagocchi was an announcement to sell a new collaboration item this time.nCollaboration with that droid which represents a worldwide science-fiction movie "Star Wars"!

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