It's becoming very expensive for demand of a web camera animation delivery debut etc. by a trigger that time necessary for increase and home of the On-line meeting with increase of a remote work by a Corona misfortune increased.nA time was in the very short state, and I had also disappeared from a storefront, but supply is also becoming stable recently, isn't it?nThen to feel like being particular, "image quality" and "the sound quality"?nIf it's for now and an inexpensive web camera is bought, image quality is rough and dark, and sound of a built-in microphone is also inarticulate, and the case that an impression to a partner becomes bad has an experience, doesn't it ?nI recommended the small high performance I'd like to do for everyone such, and even funglr Games also introduced a fitting web camera "ROG Eye" to the game real condition before to an On-line meeting.nBut that the successor which powered up this time is sold decided about "ROG Eye" which buys an editorial staff actually and is playing an active part actively!

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