The total sales number at the whole world broke through 4,500,000 the other day, "Biohazard Village"nAn opinion with a series best masterpiece and the one by which a graphic and the story keep becoming popular beyond 4,500,000 in the system that the percentage of completion which is to the extent I'm hearing, is high are a convinced work, aren't it?n"The specialized Marr Senna Leeds" is also recorded in an action shooting, so after clearing this chapter, I'm Motosaku who can enjoy himself lengthily, but the pleasure cuts down another.n"Biohazard Village" the survival revenge battle offered to a buyer without charge "biohazard RE: berth" became expected to release it in summer in 2021.nWhile there were a beta testing and the person who expects whether it was starting service having no time to be put into effect, delivery postponement of "biohazard RE: berth" was an announcement very unfortunately.

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