1 of the smart phone applications most popular in Japan and puzzle RPG of a cancer hoe "puzzle and amp; Dragons" (in the following, PAZUDORA)nThere would be everyone reading this article now and the person who was just playing until just now and when including the person by whom holdings are already installed in SUMAHO and the person who says that he has played once in the past, even if I say a game with most's of a SUMAHO owner touching, it wouldn't be exaggerated.n1 by which the flexibility on which such PAZUDORA collaborates with various other works is also charm.nAnd if it isn't at collaboration, there is also a character which isn't obtainable, so you warm carelessly, right?nWhen I was looking forward to what kind of work doing collaborate on such PAZUDORA's collaborating in the next with, it was delivered on Monday on July 12, 2021, information was permitted in "PAZUDORA formal broadcasting-summer, on the summer, wax SP- "!

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