The Nintendo Switch "great scuffle smash brothers SPECIAL" Suma bra but which entered the war and increased in a fighting action game sense quickly "Kazu, disagreeably" has the best aggressive kind from a "fist" series of Bandai Namco the other day, " Kazu doesn't like that.", so, all work, as it is grasped, it's a hard time, but I'll win the good pattern, not to manage everything and go as Mr. Masahiro Sakurai, the Suma bra SP director (@Sora_Sakurai) was saying by "Kazu, unpleasant, how to use it"!nIt was Suma bra SP which cuts down holding of the 2nd game which commemorated "Kazu, unpleasant" entry into the war "2021 I challenged on-line." on Saturday, July 17, 2021, but another event of attention was an announcement to Mr. Japanese aulopus who does that rice growing which became a big hit, in Suma bra, first, I appear!

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