It'll be 15th anniversary from sale of a super-famous story RPG of an atlas "persona 3" on Tuesday, July 13, 2021! Congratulations!nReally much development such as cartooning and release etc. of cartoon-ization, theater animation and a spin-off work is sold by PS2 on July 13, 2006, and is set by after a while, and there are many people who like "persona 3" for series most, too, aren't there?nThe first "goddess unusual story roku persona" and "2 crimes of persona" "2 penalties of persona" were the dark worldview with the strong "goddess transmigration" color so that I might side with "goddess unusual story roku" but darkness is taken over, but a graphic, music and UI and all that are changed in pop style from "persona 3". It's also the work which determined directionality of the present "persona" series, isn't it?nNow, a topic of "goddess unusual story roku persona" has gone out, but "goddess unusual story roku persona" is PlayStation, and sold one is September 20, 1996, so 25th anniversary of series birth is met on September 20, 2021! I congratulate it really!nThe specially-installed site which will commemorate that and deliver various Anniversary opened!

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