The rainy season has high temperature and humidity lengthily, and damp every day continues for 2021 years lengthily.nIf the discomfort index is the high situation, concentration is often also cut off, but they're our supporter and energy drink to put fight in at such time, aren't they?nIt's possible to buy ENADORI of the various kinds and various flavors today in ENADORI warlike ages, so according to that case's feeling, CHOI, possible.nEmperor monster energy in ENADORI world sold "monster Super Coke" at the end of March, 2021, and after a while remodeled a popular flavor of existence and wasn't releasing a new product.nThe arrowhead and the new product by which I thought the flavor which is a summer performance and seems to be summer wasn't strange even if I went out, when the rainy season ended, were an announcement!nSurprisingly, a new product is the isotonic drink system energy drink!

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