Target software of Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Online subscriber limitation event which can be period limitation and be idle completely with MARU "simultaneous trial"nA super-famous story simulation RPG of Sega Enterprises "Val curia in a field for Nintendo Switch" is the target title until Sunday, July 11, 2021, and this 1 week will be an welkin, and aren't there a lot of people who went to a front, either?nIt's the one of the quite voluminous title, so I think there are a lot of people who couldn't clear in a simultaneous trial period surely, too, so please buy a product edition in whole sale period to 23:59 and see an ending of a story through on Sunday on July 18, 2021 by all means.nA simultaneous trial of "Val curia in a field for Nintendo Switch" had just ended, but the next simultaneous trial was decided already!nThat puzzle which attaches "MOJI" and makes a word is appearance!

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