Sega Enterprises which met 61st anniversary of establishment in 2021.nA large number of new announcements and releases are performed up to now from 60th anniversary, last year in the long history, and would I be able to do in 61st anniversary and not to say the time which rises most?nBut a very popular delivery program "by Sega Enterprises rawness-rawness of the Sega Enterprises game creator Minoru Nagoshi West, canned pie-" is May, 2021, and it's said that that even such inside was regrettable has met final.nThe 1st time was remodeled as the body guard set "in Sega Enterprises, YU", and was broadcast on Friday on June 25, 2021, but... it's deserted that Mr. Nagoshi isn't here as expected.nThe news that everyone who held such feeling is glad!nThe body guard gang which will tell the latest information of "by a dragon, jo KU studio" "dragon SUTA television" starts!

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