The dogfight "Fight of Animals" series latest model of the animals Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter presents "Fight of Animals: Arena"nThe substantial On-line battle function is be equipped with after sale on December 17, 2020, and animals are developing a big scuffle at the whole world.nAfter appearing from Motosaku, "kung fu dachshund" and "softness, sheep" which were also reimported by "Fight of Animals" are also having the good flavor. Like "softness, sheep" personally.n"Fight of Animals: Arena" was a delivery only in Steam up to now, and a hurdle was a high impression a little for the kids who want to do a big scuffle in particular to play.nFor more people, big, when I wanted you to scuffle, that Nintendo Switch edition is sold at last seemed to respond to the thought that I say, and decided!

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