Japan which is an animation large country.nThe amount by which the animation work with the very high quality is to the extent I'm surprised, is broadcast and is the time when a broadcast of a summer animation starts from July. Now, what will you see this term?nIt's the stop motion animation broadcast in January, 2021-in March "PUI PUI Mole car" that I became the topic of conversation very much in such a great deal of animations, isn't it?nA guinea pig is also the vehicle which became a car, and the "mole car" which is also a creature creates, it's the story for which it's difficult to explain what to call whether you say a comedy... noisily with everything, so please see by all means! It's an account of 2 minutes and 40 second and!nVarious goods development was "PUI PUI mole car" of a power animation and the mole cars which appeared were very pretty, so was also done, but it was an announcement to be game-ized for the first time this time!

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