1 and "St. sword, legend" series of SQUARE ENIX of the action RPG which represents Japan.n"St. sword legend-Final Fantasy anecdote-" was sold on June 28, 1991, and many masterpieces kept being produced by after a while, and 30th anniversary was met on June 28, 2021! I congratulate it really!n"St. sword legend, 2" makes a remake fully as "St. sword legend 2 SECRET of MANA" from the inside of a series popular work in recent years, and "St. sword legend, 3" makes a remake fully as " St. sword legend 3 TRIALS of MANA" in 2020 and, an HD Lima star edition of "St. sword legend Legend of Mana" is selling it on June 24, 2021 the other day, and it'll be recently, and doesn' t the person who played a series need the first time "St. sword legend", either?n"30th anniversary of shuku! St. sword broadcast" was delivered on Sunday, June 27, 2021 previous day when a 30th anniversary of series is met, and much information was revealed..., marvelous information was an announcement at the last end of a broadcast!

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