The game machine of the mini ancestry by which many titles of the heart infliction are filmed is popular by the convenience which can play casually and the pretty looks, isn't it?nA game machine of the steel case type of the "EGRET II mini" etc. of "astro city mini" and TAITO of "NEOGEO mini" and Sega Enterprises of SNK can just connect and play a power supply in particular and I attract fan's attention and don't separate with the design which makes them think of a penny arcade at that time.nBut when I play by an element actually, to be honest, the controller is also a little small screen....nThe "ARCADE1UP" series Tastemakes company by which a popular one is the United States handles in such.nThe record title is limited, the actual size large I tend to play! Oh, then, I don't go, if, it's the exquisite size sense to put it in 3/4 sizes of the steel case and the home, the new product sold this time is different in member.nA lacing game steel case "ARCADE1UP OutRun" is a Japanese sale decision!

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