Japanese rice making the edelweiss by which the world total shipment number broke through 1,000,000 is sold on Thursday on November 12, 2020, and handles, action RPG "SAKUNAHIME in a heaven head"nThe ability value is to do rice growing and as well as the system to go up, light refreshing action part-time, the attractive character and a story, but it's the famous story title filled with the commitment which is to the extent you can' t tell up, such as the length of the day by a season and the ingredients etc. of a fertilizer.nAn update is also performed at any time, and a part is corrected by "there, !?".nAn update on June 23, 2021, a dog and a cat, together, you can have a cuddle now.nBecause such charm is enough "SAKUNAHIME in" a heaven head, isn't it to feel like playing the person who has not played yet?nThe first sale has started from "SAKUNAHIME in" a heaven head for everyone such!

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