Mr. Takuya Kimurax 2018 when a dragon was released by a tag in a jo KU studio "will of JUDGE EYES: Death"nThe number of total sale was sold in December, 2018, and continued after a while, and kept selling, and broke through 1,000,000 at last! Congratulations!nThere was also time when sale was suspended by a time several circumstances, but 5th edition of PS and "Remastered" of Xbox Series S|X edition also said a reputation, and it was 1,000,000 breakthrough in 2 years and a half from sale.nI was interested up to now, but are there neither the person who wasn't playing nor the person who thinks "if 1,000,000 are also popular, this chance... "?nIt's good news for everyone such! 1,000,000 sales of "will of JUDGE EYES: Death" are putting it into effect by breakthrough commemoration!

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