A definitive edition of the baseball game which keeps being loved for a long time and the "real condition powerful professional baseball" of Konami, series.nIs it the deformed pretty character, not that there are also a lot of beginnings and people who played a baseball game for the first time in PAWAPURO which becomes vacant, while having that by a real baseball game?nI join a e sport as "eBASEBALL" recently and it's also popular as the application for smart phone which can play easily.nSuch, do you know the GAME BOY color and the "PAWAPUROKUNPOKETTO" series sold in Nintendo DS in 1999-2011 in PAWAPUROSHIRIZU which is being developed widely?nIt was the series which made the success mode which is a popular player upbringing mode in the series mainly and was a very popular series, after PAWAPUROKUNPOKETTO "14" sold in December, 2011, a new design wasn't released.nBut that a new design "PAWAPUROKUNPOKETTO R" is sold at last broke the silence in 10, and decided!

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