A free title update "Ver.3.0" is delivered, and the new ending which draws continuation of a story as well as a hunting action "monster Hunter" series latest model "monster Hunter rise" additional monster of Capcom which shows the protuberance which is increasingly are added, but there seem to be a lot of people who reached already, too, don't there? NETABARE, there are a lot of people, too, so a search in SNS pays attention! But for such "monster Hunter rise " to go out of about 2 moons from sale, surprisingly, that I broke through 7,000,000 whole world shipment numbers, there was an announcement! To call a work sale in Nintendo Switch and buy it by each family's Nintendo Switch now seems also to influence, doesn't it?nA breakthrough is commemorated, and a delivery of challenge Quest and an item pack has begun 7,000,000!

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