Sega Enterprises which met 60th anniversary per 2020 years and had various announcements.nThe "Virtua fighterx esports" professional fact announced to Year 60th anniversary is announced formally as "Virtua fighter e sport" the other day, and momentum isn't also settled continuously in 2021!nThe character which represents Sega Enterprises "the sonic hedgehog" is born 30th anniversary Year in such 2021! Congratulations!n"SONIC CENTRAL" where Japan time for 2021 years announces a project and collaboration information about sonic of the future more than 1:00 on Friday, May 28 commemorated that, and was broadcast, and wonderful information such as holding in a concert and appearance etc to sonic other works was an announcement.nA sonic famous story "the sonic colors" was also "ARUTIMETTO" at the inside, and it was an announcement to be returning!

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