The hunting action "monster Hunter" series latest model of Capcom which became sale on Friday, March 26, 2021 "monster Hunter rise"nA free title update "Ver.2.0" was delivered on Wednesday on April 28, 2021 of timing as 1 month from sale, and an old dragon and a strong monster of NUSHI appeared additionally, and more opening of a Hunter rank and sale of a new DLC played and increased in response.nTitle update after a while was also delivered to event Quest at any time, and I thought a Hunter life was enriched, but when releasing "Ver.2.0", it was said that "Ver.3.0" was planning to deliver it at the end of May, 2021 by an exhibited road map.nWhen I think it also ends in May in several other days..., a special picture program " monster Hunter Special program 2021.5.26" delivers it to 23:00 on Wednesday on May 26, 2021!nInformation on a free title update "Ver.3.0" was opening to the public!

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