1 of important elements of a game is a sound. The power of the tone such as the one which decides an impression of a game and the sound etc. important to game play such as reports of a gun and footsteps such as the impressed BGM and the sound effect of Therefore power is really great. But when the equipment recycled finally doesn't correspond even if a high quality sound sound is being sent on the soft side, it isn't however possible to experience a sound best, is it? each manufacturer is often selling gaming earphones and a gaming headset specialized in a game sound, but... a boom microphone can't be removed, and it's it's light, and there is also a lot of something difficult to use for the use besides the game. That gaming headset "ROG Strix Go BT" where ASUS is in-house gaming brand "ROG" empty Bluetooth correspondence when I think there are no headsets to which a game and daily life's envoy can go both, is released, it was!

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