The hunting action "monster Hunter" series latest model of Capcom sold in March, 2021 "monster Hunter rise"nAnd the world of "monster Hunter" which schedules sale for July, 2021, the RPG which adventures "monster Hunter stories, wing of 2-ruin-"nYou're also playing the "monster Hunter rise" which is already sold at the whole world at this moment now and the neck is made long, and "monster Hunter stories, wing of 2-ruin-" are waiting for sale in July, everyone, aren't it?nI'm going also to leave it for the one by which "monster Hunter rise" is announcing that a free title update is delivered by the end of May, 2021 in May in particular, well, it was becoming little.nIs it possibly postponed...? The news which makes everyone unstable relieved was diving!nA delivery of a special picture program "monster Hunter Special program 2021.5.26" decided!

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