A game was being the time it's natural to use the internet when already.As well as playing on-line backup etc. of save data does an Internet connection by various situations in download purchase of a game and a DLC and an update, doesn' The use is limited to an Internet access by a game machine, and to use a platform of each game machine, it can be said that there is no necessity to introduce security software separately in particular, but it can be said that the security software is indispensable for the person who enjoys a game by a PC.nBut it's also often processing runs to the security software from which you protect a PC by the total by a background, and that processing of a game and play are affected.nA fitting product appeared on the person who worried that it couldn't be turned off and... from a security soft long-established store "Norton" because it was safe!nSecurity software "Norton 360 for Gamers" sale specialized in the PC game user!

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