These days' game is really beautiful, and there is very much something of a smooth picture, isn't there? Evolution etc. of an effort of the manufacturer which develops a game, improvement of the technical power which produces a game, improvement of the performance of the game machine and the PC and the display in which a picture is reflected is to the extent I don't know how many times "I soon took a picture of this on the spot, here." high-performance game machine, PC and display are prepared, it's a cable often to overlook in outside.nI think many people are using the HDMI cable which sends a picture and sound to the monitor together, but the difference occurs to the information which can be communicated by the standard.nThe most suitable cable election assumes serious proportions to enjoy a maximum picture, the global leading brand of "charge" "Anker", but the first HDMI cable appears!n"Anker Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI cable" corresponding to HDMI 2.1 was on sale!

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