Such as the theater edition "blade of onimetsu" infinite train volume shows the momentum which breaks through the ticket sales of 40,000,000,000 yen soon, and May 10 is also a birthday of Mr. purgatory, and a performance of two bonds of stage "blade of onimetsu" sono NO decides in August, 2021, it's "blade HINOKAMI chikazetan in" onimetsu it's expected to sell by PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X in 2021 and within that the "blade of" onimetsu popularity keeps accelerating in 1 year's passing from a serialization end of an original work soon also has high attention at the inside, isn't it? The character which enters the war on a vs. mode up to now is introduced 8 people, and 5 people are quite partial feeling as a user of the knack of the water soon, but it doesn't end only with that indeed. The entry into the war character it'll be next in the "strong sake corps report" which appeared on number 23 of weekly boy jump of sale on Monday on May 10, 2021 was an announcement!

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