Isn't there a person who says he said that you could play PS5 of the next generation machine as well as can play the biohazard series latest model of sale and the whole world looking forward to "biohazard Village" by PS4, Xbox One and a PC (Steam) on Saturday on May 8, 2021 and Xbox Series S|X, and that got a next generation machine for biotechnology, either? which blew away such as "we don't like such village, Lv.100" and a puppet show "I play at a biotechnology village,♪" are attacking "biohazard Village" multilaterally by sale. And a collaboration product with a very popular super-absorbed energy drink "ZONe" was also released at a platform corresponding to this time and in the next generation machine it's "PlayStation 5" and the energy drink which is gamer's indispensable item as the move it'll be next!

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