Programming education was compulsion-ization at an elementary school more than 2020 years, the programming for which it's difficult that even an adult remembers, at an elementary school, when, a hurdle is still the high current state. it's important to say that I also have an interest above all first. I also say "good accustoming by which loving is a thing" and have an interest in a programming first, and comes to like it, and acquires by a bird clapper as if learning on the own.nThe strategy game a game and the chemistry are good and Konami is a programming and by which handle a monster "the Solomon Islands program" delivers a programming in Nintendo Switch, and if, the game from which a programming can be learned becomes popular while playing .nIf I made "play" make during such, I was superior, but Nintendo which isn't here announced programming software "with a navigator! The first game programming which is made and understood"!

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