How is everyone a Golden Week in 2021? The person who said the situation that travel and homecoming are difficult to do and enjoyed house time fully thinks it's a lot. Many enterprises were doing various tries in order to have time but a popular animation "MEIDOINABISU " did ikkyo broadcasting of fun house time in May 5 when it'll be the Golden Week last day and ABEMA. It was contributed with "the feeling which can do new news" in formal Twitter from the broadcast front, a ABEMA independent preceding delivery of a theater edition "MEIDOINABISU Dawn of a deep soul" and the for 2nd period of television animation "gold village in the scorching sun", but big news was released by a broadcast decision in 2022. The one which was also watched in particular at the inside is game-ization of "MEIDOINABISU", but whatever says whether it was watched... a rating is said to be CERO Z!

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