The twice are prosperous for biohazard series latest model "biohazard Village" PS 4 and Early access performed for PS5 of the whole world looking forward to sale approached on Saturday, May 8, 2021 "8 Hours in VILLAGE". platforms also decides that period limitation is delivered from Sunday, May 2, 2021. But such "biohazard Village" arranged for a famous tune of good luck Ikuzou "We, Tokyo was line GU." the other day, that "we didn't like such village, Lv.100" becomes a formal image song of "biohazard Village" decided, and the picture by which the person himself sings good luck Ikuzou was exhibited. What and, the picture which is new when an impact is received in the promotion which blew away.... The puppet show they seem to have seen somewhere "I played at a biotechnology village,♪" was opened! Capcom how do done?

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