Such as doing in-house production of a mask of the grade for important medical treatment in the item and the Corona misfortune which are the ecology which considered an environmental issue as well as a large number of gaming devices, it's a gaming smart mask "PROJECT HAZEL" that such Razer released "Razer" dealing with a wide product in January, 2021. SUTARISSHU, such as I sparkle with N95 grade which passed the standard of the USA research center of occupational safety and health as well as DESAIN, loading of a microphone and Razer Chroma correspondence, former, various industry as well as game industry stirred in a concept that the line was drawn with the gaming mask which just shines. You don't stay at only a concept and when development is advanced formally, but " PROJECT HAZEL" where an announcement was here is slightly too stylish, and is there a person worried whether it looks good on itself, too? To store in such person, the AR filter which can try "Project Hazel" on appeared in Instagram!

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