1 of important elements of a game is sound, isn't it? More music which lives SE of power and Sean promotes amusement of the game and, it's concerned with victory or defeat to tell a footstep in FPS, and if, of the function by which sound is much, I kill.nBut when the equipment which can play the sound cries even if the sound to which how did you stick on the game side is being output, the charm of a sound is also cut. from a loudspeaker by the big volume also matches, and high quality sound gaming headphone and headset are popular, and each manufacturer is selling various items.nWhile a famous sound manufacturer also enters, a Danish high-end audio brand "Bang & Olufsen" (bang and Orff Sen) empty gaming headphone appears!nIt can be connected with Xbox seamlessly, "Beoplay Portal" was released!

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