"au smart pass premium Classic game" a famous story belt scrolling action "sousetsuryuu II The revenge" "sousetsuryuu III The Rosetta stone" is added to the title I can play on April 13, 2021, and you're also happy that the title I can play increased because you let a series through, right? "au smart pass premium" also judges a picture by the monthly amount of 548 yen (including tax) besides the classic game, and is extraordinary, musical hearing extraordinariness, book reading extraordinariness and live preceding reservation and all that, profitable service is various god service, it's also fact that the hurdle is slightly high in the monthly amount system SABISU's joining. That the shiyuu promotions which can play for free of charge hold "au smart pass premium Classic game" by the reason to which I say but that I want you to experience wonderful even a little..., it was!

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