The attention indie title which is planning to sell broadcast "Indie World 2021.4.15" in Nintendo Switch is often announced to 10:00 on Thursday on April 15, 2021, and when I'd like to do that title and this title you' d like to do, it's distracted, isn't it?nThere is also a lot of something of the price I tend to find in a good place by the indie game, so how about buying that and this resolutely?nAn announcement of "GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon" also trembled with that, didn't it? That "gatsufuumaden" in front of the front restores for more than 30 years! It's pleasant for sale in 2022! Broadcast "Indie World 2021.4.15" will be the title it's expected to sell in Japan to the end this time, so do you know that the different contents were broadcast at foreign countries?nA game different from Japan is introduced by the title of "Indie World Showcase 4.14.2021" at foreign countries. There also seems to be a title which also schedules sale in Japan in it, so I'd like to introduce!

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