Didn't they also feel start today and the poster to which Nintendo Switch where a life in an island is enjoyed fully all over the world "gather Forest of an animal" hands charm in its island down recently and the service of "tourist information manufacturer "with which a movie can be made and an exchange between the islands is wide above up to now?nIt's such ATSU forest, but the new play when making them read a "run away Forest of an animal amiibo+" amiibo card [Sanrio collaboration of characters], is added by the free update put into effect in March.nThe person who has a sold original edition in 2016 thinks he invites residents of Sanrio collaboration to an island and is enjoying himself.nA reprinted edition was sold from March 26, 2021 for the person who doesn't have and the person who couldn't buy it at that time, this, also, that the competitive rate is high, and I make a reservation, it' ll end immediately. The situation for which it's difficult to be obtainable continued.nBut! Current as of Friday, April 16, 2021! Stock restores at my Nintendo store!

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